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Whereas many partial solutions and sketches for the odd-numbered exercises appear in the book, the Student Solutions Manual, written by the author, has comprehensive solutions for all odd-numbered exercises and large number of even-numbered exercises. This Manual also offers many alternative solutions to those appearing in the text. These will provide the student with a better understanding of the material.

This is the only available student solutions manual prepared by the author of Contemporary Abstract Algebra, Tenth Edition and is designed to supplement that text.

Table of Contents

Integers and Equivalence Relations
0. Preliminaries
1. Introduction to Groups
2. Groups
3. Finite Groups; Subgroups
4. Cyclic Groups
5. Permutation Groups
6. Isomorphisms
7. Cosets and Lagrange’s Theorem
8. External Direct Products
9. Normal Subgroups and Factor Groups
10. Group Homomorphisms
11. Fundamental Theorem of Finite Abelian Groups
12. Introduction to Rings
13. Integral Domains
14. Ideals and Factor Rings
15. Ring Homomorphisms
16. Polynomial Rings
17. Factorization of Polynomials
18. Divisibility in Integral Domains Fields
19. Extension Fields
20. Algebraic Extensions
21. Finite Fields
22. Geometric Constructions
Special Topics
23. Sylow Theorems
24. Finite Simple Groups
25. Generators and Relations
26. Symmetry Groups
27. Symmetry and Counting
28. Cayley Digraphs of Groups
29. Introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory
30. An Introduction to Galois Theory
31. Cyclotomic Extensions

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