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Your complete guide to the uses of a lathe for all forms of screwcutting!

  • Comprehensive manual explaining all the uses of a lathe for every form of screwcutting in various thread forms, pitches, and diameters
  • Includes calculations, gear trains, conversions, and other helpful reference tables
  • Both imperial and metric standards are provided
  • Author Martin Cleeve was a well-respected contributor to Model Engineer magazine for more than 30 years


Screwcutting in the Lathe for Home Machinists is a complete reference handbook detailing the uses of a lathe for all forms of screwcutting in all thread forms, pitches, and diameters.

Working in both imperial and metric standards, this comprehensive and invaluable resource will inform you on everything you need to know about screw-cutting with a lathe, from fundamental principles to gearing systems, single point lathe threading tools, and so much more. Also included are calculations, gear trains, conversions, and other helpful reference tables.

The wide variety of subjects covered include:

  • Principles of Lathe Screwcutting
    Altering the pitch
    Simple and compound gear trains
    Self-act feeds from leadscrews
    Diametral pitch worms
    The DP formula
  • Gearing an English Leadscrew for Metric Threads
    50-127 translation ratio explained
    Reduced pitch translators
    The 2-21 (63-160) method
    Worms sized by module
  • Lathes with Metric Leadscrews
    Screwcutting calculations
    Disadvantages of 127-50 step up
    English gear trains
    Quick checking for nominal pitch
  • Problems and Analysis of Repeat Pick-Up
    Action of English indicator
    Geared leadscrew indicators
    Pick-up when gearing is approximate
    Pick-up with dog-clutch control
  • Multiple-Start Threads
    Automatic start indexing
    Feasibility test
    Automatic start indexing possibilities
    Special leadscrew design formula
  • Single Point Lathe Threading Tools
    High speed steel
    Tungsten carbide
    Cutting angles
    Inserted bit tools
    Thread tool sharpening and grinding
  • Practical Aspects of Lathe Screwcutting
    Four ways of depthing a screw thread
    Square thread cutting
    Acme thread cutting
    Special tap making
    Thread crest radii
    Screwcutting speeds
  • Practical Thread Sizing Measurement
    Definitions of screw thread terms
    The 3-wire method of thread checking
    One-wire checking
    Pitch diameter calculations
    Helix angle of screw threads
    Gauging nut threads
  • And much more!
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