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In Deep Learning with Python, Second Edition you will learn:

Deep learning from first principles
Image classification and image segmentation
Timeseries forecasting
Text classification and machine translation
Text generation, neural style transfer, and image generation
Full color printing throughout

Deep Learning with Python has taught thousands of readers how to put the full capabilities of deep learning into action. This extensively revised full color second edition introduces deep learning using Python and Keras, and is loaded with insights for both novice and experienced ML practitioners. You’ll learn practical techniques that are easy to apply in the real world, and important theory for perfecting neural networks.

Table of Contents
1  What is deep learning?
2 The mathematical building blocks of neural networks
3 Introduction to Keras and TensorFlow
4 Getting started with neural networks: Classification and regression
5 Fundamentals of machine learning
6 The universal workflow of machine learning
7 Working with Keras: A deep dive
8 Introduction to deep learning for computer vision
9 Advanced deep learning for computer vision
10 Deep learning for timeseries
11 Deep learning for text
12 Generative deep learning
13 Best practices for the real world
14 Conclusions

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